with Serve LS1

By bringing together all key stakeholders in your supply chain, SERVE LS1 introduces transparency into the entire product delivery process

Not your typical
logistics solution

Designed with considerations for the nuances
of the Nigerian business terrain allowing you
to implement a robust control of your supply chain

  • Full control of your processes

    LS1 enables you stremline the processes involved from product ordering to delivery. This eliminates waste and redundancy

  • Supply chain insight

    Set SLAs & monitor your supply chain through dashboards enabling realtime reconciliation and business rules compliance

  • Improve customer satisfaction

    SERVE LS1 provides your customers with access to the information they need on product orders, deliveries and stock position

  • Eliminate manual invoicing & payment

    Eliminate error prone manual processes by automating the creation and submission of invoices in realtime. This improves your cash flow

SERVE LS1 Capabilities

  • Proof of Delivery Manager

    Customers can access information about products and the dispatcher prior to delivery

  • ERP Integration Kit

    Easy integration with back office applications like SAGE, Microsofy Dynamics, SAP and Oracle

  • Lean Transporter

    Provides access to data on transporters in a report format with search and filter functionality

  • Mobile Ordering

    Customers can place orders for products on any mobile device, orders are received by authorised personnel

Even Much More

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